Audubon Park Lantern Jubilee - Let's Hand out Next Year! To ensure the safety of our community, the 2021 event has been cancelled.

Keep on Glowing!

We'll be bringing back the full, Lantern Jubilee experience again when we're able, but the spirit of the event lives on in 2021. If you live in Audubon Park or close enough to visit, we'll be hosting a "Light Up The Neighborhood" event on February 27th and 28th.

Show your love and support to all our frontline workers by decorating your yard with lanterns, luminaries, lasers and string lights. Play a family favorite playlist and let your creativity show! Then, from 6-9pm, take a stroll, bike ride, or slow drive through the neighborhood to enjoy the displays.

Thanks to our amazing 2020 event community partners & sponsors!

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